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2022 Chametz Sale

Monday, March 21, 2022

Rabbi Reiss will be conducting theמכירה  this year on 

Thursday, April14  at 10:30 AM (CDT)

For those who are going away for Pesach and want to conduct an early sale 

For those who are going away for Pesach and want to conduct an early sale 

to avoid being obligated in a full Bedikah of their homes

~  or  ~

For those who will be 

in Israel, or elsewhere in Europe, Asia, Africa or Australia

Friday, April 15 at 8:30 AM (CDT)

For everyone else, including those who will be (or whose Chametz will be)

anywhere in North America


The early sale may be used by those who are unable to perform בדיקת חמץ, and with the early sale, will technically
not be in position of owning any
חמץ and will thereby beפטור  from בדיקת חמץ  for any sold or rented properties. 

All חמץ should be put away before the sale takes place except for theחמץ  that the person plans to eat on ערב פסח prior to the fourth hour of the day which will be excluded from the sale.  The online forms should be submitted prior to the time of the sale, but if need be, even after that, prior to the end of the fifth hour of the day on ערב פסח

It should be assumed that any חמץ  has not been repurchased prior to one hour after nightfall on April 23th 2022 (approximately 9:30 PM CDT)

Forms can be filled out on behalf of someone else, with verbal authorization. For example, someone can call their rabbi on the phone, and the rabbi can fill out the form online on their behalf.