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Halachic Medical Directive for State of Illinois (Living Will)

Halachic Living Will form for the State of Illinois, prepared by the Chayim Aruchim chapter of Agudath Israel of Illinois, and consistent with the standard Agudath Israel Living Will form endorsed by both the Rabbinical Council of America and the Chicago Rabbinical Council.

You may of course choose either Agudath Israel of America or the Chicago Rabbinical Council as the organization you select for purposes of making decisions of Jewish law as may be necessary pursuant to the form.

Shtar Iska

A form of Heter Iska, which allows for the charging of interest-like fees among Jews in business transactions.

To arrange a Heter Iska, please contact the cRc


One who wishes to collect his loans after the Sh’mitah year must make a Pruzbul before the time that the loans are nullified (i.e. the end of the Sh’mitah year).

Mechiras chametz

Sale of chametz for Passover