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Divorce Mediation


What is Divorce Mediation?

Divorce mediation is a process for a couple getting divorced to come to a mutual agreement on contested matters related to the dissolution of their marriage.

A neutral mediator facilitates negotiation between the parties to develop a consensus agreement on all divorce issues, which can then be filed in Civil Court.

Divorce mediation is designed to be

  • Less costly and time consuming than court proceedings.
  • Less emotionally taxing and contentious than going to trial, resulting in a healthier resolution for the parties and the entire family moving forward.
  • Collaborative and respectful.
    Divorce mediation is voluntary. It is not required in order to receive one’s Get nor for legal divorce in Civil Court. If the parties can not come to an agreement voluntarily, resolution of differences would shift to arbitration. The arbiter or arbitration panel would then be tasked with making a binding decision to resolve differences.

Divorce Mediation at the cRc

We have a professional, supportive, staff to help you through this process, including Rabbi Yona Reiss, Esq., Av Beth Din, and Mrs. Elana Lipman, Esq, Director of Divorce Mediation. We are committed to treating our clients with professionalism and respect, strictly adhering to our published Rules and Procedures of the cRc Beth Din.

In addition, the cRc offers

  • Cultural sensitivity to both Jewish life and American legal considerations
  • Commitment to serving the community, and seeing the process through to resolution
  • Transparent expectations of the parties throughout the settlement process
  • Mediation without the cost of legal representation
  • Responsiveness and efficiency, while being available to engage for as long as needed.
  • The ability to seamlessly address the Get – Jewish divorce
  • The capacity for arbitration should mediation not yield an agreement. Binding arbitration at the Beth Din is a religious imperative (see the Gemara Gittin 88b) and greater efficiency than secular courts. Should arbitration be in order, we will review that process with you before.

The Beth Din and its staff do not represent legal representation for either or both parties. No verbal or written communication by the Beth Din or its staff is intended for any legal purpose. For legal advice, please consult your attorneys.


Mediation and/or Arbitration services are billed at $200/hour OR $100/half hour. The fee is to be split equally by the parties, and applies to in person meetings, zoom calls or phone calls. Payments can be made online at Please make sure to put in your name and subject of “GET fee” or “Mediation fee” etc., where it asks for invoice number and comments. Please contact us with any issues regarding cost or making payments.

To apply for divorce mediation, please email Mrs. Elana Lipman at [email protected]