cRc Beth Din

2023 cRc Mechirat Chametz Information For Rabbis

Dear Rabbi,

The cRc is proud to once again partner with our רבנים and coordinate מכירת חמץ. Thank you, and יישר כחכם for all of your hard work on behalf of כלל ישראל. May this year bring the fulfillment of בניסן עתידין להיגאל!

Please review this entire document, submit the required information carefully, and stay tuned for any email updates that may be necessary. 



 Rabbi Reiss will be conducting the מכירה this year at Congregation K.I.N.S. on 

  • Tuesday, April 4  at 10:30 AM (CDT)

For those who are going away for Pesach and want to conduct an early sale 

to avoid being obligated in a full Bedikah of their homes

~  or  ~

For those who will be 

in Israel, or elsewhere in Europe, Asia, Africa or Australia

  • Wednesday, April 5 at 8:30 AM (CDT)

For everyone else, including those who will be (or whose Chametz will be)

anywhere in North America

The early sale may be used by those who are unable to perform בדיקת חמץ, and with the early sale, will technically not be in position of owning any חמץ and will thereby be פטור from בדיקת חמץ for any sold or rented properties. 

All חמץ should be put away before the sale takes place except for the חמץ that the person plans to eat on ערב פסח prior to the fourth hour of the day which will be excluded from the sale.  

It should be assumed that any חמץ will not be repurchased after פסח prior to one hour after nightfall on April 13th 2023 (approximately 9:30 PM CDT).



We are offering multiple ways to participate in the sale: 


Please download THIS printable שטר הרשאה that individuals can fill out and submit to you. Please note that there is room in the שטר that can be used (it can also be left empty) to add the name of the local rabbi, in addition to Rabbi Reiss, as an agent of sale. 

All הרשאות should be brought to K.I.N.S. at the time of the sale, or submitted to our offices by 5pm Monday, April 3 for inclusion in the sale. Documentation should be placed in separate envelopes clearly marked “Early Sale – on Tuesday, April 4”, and “Regular Sale – on Wednesday, April 5”, respectively. 


We highly recommend sharing the cRc online form with your congregants, available at 

 The online forms should be used up until the time of the sale at K.I.N.S., but if need be, even after that, prior to the end of the fifth hour of the day on ערב פסח. 

 Forms can be filled out on behalf of someone else, with verbal authorization. For example, someone can call their rabbi on the phone, and the rabbi can fill out the form online on their behalf.

 cRc Designation

 While it is suggested that you leave the forms to appoint Rabbi Reiss or his designee directly as the sales agent, if you decide to change the sales agent to be yourself, please designate Rabbi Reiss or his designee as your agent in the final sale.

 Please make sure you have appropriately designated Rabbi Reiss or his designee as your agent, which can be done at    

 Rabbi Reiss, the אב”ד of the cRc, is available to address any questions, and is best reached by email at [email protected]. Rabbi Levi Mostofsky, Executive Director of the cRc, can be reached at [email protected].

Donations are appreciated, and can be made at

Thank you, and best wishes for a חג כשר ושמח!