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What Can I Expect During The Get Procedure?

Saturday, August 17, 2019

The Av Beth Din (head of the rabbinic court) meets with the two parties to determine how their names are to appear in the Get. At times, English names and/or nicknames are used in lieu of one’s given Hebrew name. Once the names are ascertained, the scribe and rabbinic aides are authorized by the husband to serve respectively in their ritual functions.

After the Get is written, the wife receives the Get. Both parties must assure the rabbinic court that there is no element of compulsion in their participation in the Get process.

The Get procedure is conducted in the privacy of the Beth Din room. No outsiders or bystanders are present.

The procedure is not adversarial.

No cross-examination of the parties is permitted, nor are personal questions posed about the nature of the marriage or the reasons for its dissolution.

Many participants in the Get procedures have commented that they have appreciated the dignity and respect associated with this process.

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Questions about Get procedures not covered here may be posed to:

Rabbi A.M. Abramson, Associate Administrator and Get Coordinator of the Beth Din.
(773) 250-5491
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