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What happens if one party refuses to appear at the Beth Din?

Saturday, August 17, 2019

The Beth Din will call or send a letter (hazmana) via certified and regular mail, asking the reluctant spouse to contact the Beth Din for an appointment within 14 days. Should there be no response, the Beth Din will send a second hazmana to the recalcitrant spouse, and if necessary, a third hazmana as well. After three summonses have been issued without an appropriate response from the reluctant spouse, the Beth Din will issue a hasra’as seruv, a letter warning of the forthcoming issuance of a contempt order. If a satisfactory response is still not received from the spouse, the Beth Din may issue a seruv (contempt order) that declares the spouse to be “recalcitrant” and subject to public ostracism and condemnation, calling upon the community to take appropriate action. Notice of this declaration is sent to the spouse with a copy to the recalcitrant spouse.