cRc Beth Din

Rabbi Yona Reiss at Yarchei Kallah – Mikor Hachaim

  Listen to Rav Yona Reiss’s shiur here:

cRc – Divrei Chizuk – Mar Cheshvan 5784

Divrei Chizuk – Mar Cheshvan 5784

Rabbi Reiss Av Beth Din speaks to Students at Northwestern University Chabad.

  Rabbi Reiss spoke to students at Sinai Scholars of Chabad of Northwestern University.

Cheder Lubavitch visits the cRc

     Rabbi Reiss and Rabbi Moscowitz spoke to the 5th Grade boys from Cheder Lubavitch.    

HF Hebrew Academy Visits the cRc

Rabbi Kraft and Rabbi Moscowitz spoke with students from HF Hebrew Academy from Missouri.

Congratulations to the Winners of The Rebbetzin Shoshana Schwartz, ע”ה, Torah Essay Contest – 5783

The cRc wishes Mazal Tov to this year’s winners of the Rebbetzin Shoshana Schwartz, a”h, Torah Essay Contest: Winner:  Liba Posner (Lubavitch Girls High School) with her essay entitled “A Single, Perfect Whole”. (Read The Essay) Runners up: Nechama Levi (Bais Yaakov High School of Chicago) Avi London (Fasman Yeshiva High School) Chaya Mushka Wolf…


Dear Seniors, Each year, the Chicago Rabbinical Council proudly sponsors the Rebbetzin Shoshana Schwartz Torah Essay Contest. The contest is open to all seniors studying in Orthodox Jewish high schools in the Chicago metropolitan area who will attend a yeshiva or seminary in Israel for the 5784/2023-2024 academic year. Our objective is to promote serious…

Pesach Divrei Torah 5783

cRc Pesach Divrei Torah 5783                   This cRc publication contains Divrei Torah from: – Harav Yona Reiss: Short Haggadah Insights. – Rabbi Eitan M. Allen: The One Not at the Seder. – Rabbi Menachem Linzer: The Deeper Meaning Behind Heseiba at the Seder – Rabbi Yehuda Meyers:…

Purim 5783

cRc Purim Divrei Torah 5783                   This cRc publication contains Divrei Torah from: Harav Yona Reiss: Don’t Give Up Hope. Rabbi Yosef Posner: Feel Free to Act Free Freely.  

Pictures from the cRc Pruzbul Signing 5

Above: Pruzbul Signing at Congregation K.I.N.S. Below: The Purzbul Signing pictures published in Hamodia: