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Volume 1 | Issue 1  Kislev 5784 The Halakhic Will    – By Rav Yona Reiss Gluten-Free Flower – By Rabbi Dovid Cohen Remembering Rav Schwartz zt”l – By Rabbi A.M. Abramson Volume 1 | Issue 2  Shvat 5784 Demystifying The Heter Iska – By Rabbi Aaron Kraft For the Sake of Kashrus – Rabbi…

New Sefer by Rabbi Dovid Cohen  – Kashering

Mazal Tov to Rabbi Cohen on the publication of his new sefer Kashering. Rabbi Reiss and Rabbi Raccah went through the sefer chapter by chapter for more than 2 years, and their rulings on more than 150 issues can be found after (almost) every chapter. The sefer is a systematic analysis of Shulchan Aruch OC…

Shemittah Newsletter #11

Issue #11 includes: Using Shemittah Produce – By Rabbi Dovid Cohen Shemittah on a Leap Year – By Rabbi Aaron Kraft     Shemitta Newsletter Vol # 11

cRc Vegetable-Inspection Training Seminars

An introduction to Checking Fruits and Vegetables by Rabbi Langer (Download) Fruit and Vegetable Policy overview (Download) Fruit and Vegetable Policy (Download)

Kashrut Alert – Lettuce Checking April 2022

April 11, 2022 In recent weeks, we have noticed an unusually high level of infestation in different types of produce, and this specifically affects the preparation of romaine lettuce for the Seder. In our efforts to help consumers find reliable insect-free romaine lettuce this Pesach season, we have done extensive testing and research. Based on our…

Sapprim #33

Click HERE to enjoy the latest issue of Sappirim by Rabbi Dovid Cohen. The entire series can be found at

Pesach Guide 2022

Click HERE to see a proof of the upcoming Pesach Guide. The final version may have some changes.

cRc Shemittah Newsletter #5

Issue #5 includes Principles and Practices of Shemittas Kesafim and Pruzbul – By HaRav Yona Reiss Melachos D’rabannan – By Rabbi Dovid Cohen     cRc Shemitta Newsletter vol 5 for web  

JUF Sympathy Note – Harav Gedalia Dov Schwartz ZT”L

JUF Sympathy Note – Rav Schwartz 2020

cRc Shemittah Newsletter #4

Shgemittah Newsletter #4 This issue includes: Melachos D’oraisah by Rabbi Dovid Cohen Rav Ovadia Yosef’s Heter Mechira Esponsum: Part 1 by Rabbi Daniel Raccah cRc Shemitta Newsletter vol 4 for web