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Conversion FAQ

Conversion FAQs

What does conversion to Judaism involve?

Conversion is a life and lifestyle committed to G-d, His Torah, and the People of Israel. It involves several small actions throughout the day, and several big decisions throughout your lifetime. It means recognizing that G-d is always with us, and making choices with the help of Rabbis and spiritual leaders to devote your life to serving Him.

How do I begin the process of conversion?

A local Orthodox Rabbi must be your mentor in this process. He will educate you in order to decide if conversion is right for you, and he will contact the Beth Din on your behalf when/if you are committed to this new lifestyle.

How long will the conversion process take?

This varies case by case. A number of years may be recommended to educate yourself in Torah. Once the Beth Din is contacted, it should move more quickly for qualified candidates.

What are the requirements to convert a child?
  1. The parents must both be Jewish.
  2. The parents must commit to 12 years of Jewish education.
  3. The family must live within walking distance of an Orthodox synagogue.
  4. The child must be informed before bar/bat mitzvah age of the conversion, and he/she must choose to re-accept the Torah upon him/herself.
What is the difference between a geirut lchumra (removal of doubt conversion) and a full conversion?
  1. Sometimes in the case of a Geirut L’chumra, if the candidate has already been living an Orthodox life as an integrated member of the Orthodox community, the conversion can be expedited.
  2. In a case of Geirut L’chumra, the Beth Din may determine that an additional Bracha (blessing) at the time of the immersion may not be necessary.
What costs are associated with the process?

The costs associated with a conversion include:

  • Application fee: $100 (individual) / $200 (family)
  • Conversion fee: $500 (individual) / $1,000 (family)
  • RCA national registry fee: $150 fee (individual) / $300 (family)

Other Charges

The cRc covers the Mikveh charge, but some candidates may have other expenses, such as:
– Travel
– Books
– Optional tutoring
– Mohel

In addition, sponsoring Rabbis may charge at their own discretion.