cRc Beth Din

Are cases decided based on halacha (Jewish law) or secular law?

Cases at the Beth Din  are decided based on Jewish law, although there are many instances when Jewish law calls for the application of secular law to a case. In deciding a dispute arising under a contract that contains a “choice of law” provision, the Beth Din will respect that provision and apply secular law,…

How many Dayanim (Arbitrators) sit on a panel hearing any particular case?

Generally, cases are heard by a panel of three Dayanim. Small cases, usually those involving amounts in controversy of less than $10,000, are sometimes heard by a single Dayan.

Where do the hearings take place?

Typically, hearings take place at the offices of the Chicago Rabbinical Council in Chicago. The Beth Din can also send Dayanim (Arbitrators) to other locations. In some situations, the Beth Din has conducted arbitrations by video or phone teleconferencing.