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cRc’s updated COVID Guidelines

Thursday, February 11, 2021

The cRc’s COVID Guideline Committee met on February 8th, כ״ו שבט, to consider updates to policy guidelines for the community.

Vaccination against COVID offers renewed hope of an eventual end to this pandemic. We encourage all members of our community to get vaccinated as soon as possible, as emerging evidence suggests that only vaccination may be effective against some of the new strains of COVID-19.

In the meantime, we strongly encourage continued vigilance in protecting our community from this pandemic.  This includes social distancing measures and the strict use of masks outside of the home, and especially in our synagogues, whether or not an individual has been vaccinated or had COVID in the past.

The reduced rate of COVID in our community combined with the protection that vaccination offers have given us room for greater flexibility within our rituals and communal practices at this time. Please note the following updated recommendations:

  • Sanctuary spaces that are sufficiently large may have up to 50 people on either side of the mechitza, so long as it does not exceed 25% capacity, in compliance with any relevant state rules.
  • Tefillah may go up to 2 hours in duration at any given time.
  • Children of all ages can now accompany parents in shul, provided that they can sit with their parents and remain masked throughout davening. Childrens’ groups and programming cannot yet resume.
  • Rituals that only require brief interactions in shul where there is no vocal projection, such as hagbaah/gelilah or pesicha, can now resume so long as everyone is wearing masks. There is more flexibility, for modulated singing, and for drashot and shiurim in shul.
  • It is still necessary to use a plexiglass barrier for Kriat HaTorah.
  • Food and/or drinks should not be served in shul.

Individuals should consult medical professionals before being lenient in their private homes. We must be especially careful with the elderly when considering family meals, including the Purim Seudah.

We are filled with Hakarat Hatov to the Almighty that we are able to daven together and take more steps towards a more conventional shul experience. As we look forward to celebrating Purim and Pesach, we look forward as well BE”H to the eventual end of this pandemic.

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