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Videos from Rabbi Raccah’s Chizuk Visits to Israel at War 2023

In November and December 2023, cRc Dayan, Rabbi Raccah visited Israel on Chizuk Missions. His visits included the IDF troops, ZAKA and the Border Guard. He went to Tekuma and ¬†October 7th Massacre sites such as Kibbutz Bieri, Aza, and the Nova festival site . He went to the National Center for Forensics, to families…

Shemittah Newsletter Issue #2.

Tishrei 5782 – Sept 2021 This issue includes: The Borders of Eretz Yisroel by Rabbi Dovid Cohen A Special Blessing by Rabbi Yisraoel Langer cRc Shemitta Newsletter vol. 2 For links to all the Shemittah Newsletters please click HERE.