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Shemittah Newsletter #10

Issue #10 included Kedushas Shevi’is, Hefker, and Biur by Rabbi Dovid Cohen Supporting the Farmers by Rabbi Yisroel Langer cRc Shemitta Newsletter volume #10

cRc Shemitta Newsletter #6

Issue #6 includes: Sefichin, a Shemittah Leap Year, and Support by Rabbi Dovid Cohen Flowers in Shemittah by Rabbi Yisroel Langer cRc Shemitta Newsletter vol 6  

cRc Shemittah Series 5782

We are proud to announce a new monthly Shemittah Newsletter Each issue will feature a column from Rabbi Dovid Cohen, cRc Administrative Rabbinic Coordinator, and author of Shemittah, as part of his Kashrus Halacha series, as well as a column from one of the cRc Dayanim. Here are the links to the cRc Shemittah newsletters included…

Shemittah Newsletter Issue #2.

Tishrei 5782 – Sept 2021 This issue includes: The Borders of Eretz Yisroel by Rabbi Dovid Cohen A Special Blessing by Rabbi Yisraoel Langer cRc Shemitta Newsletter vol. 2 For links to all the Shemittah Newsletters please click HERE.