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Divrei Torah for Pesach 5784

cRc Pesach Divrei Torah 5784 Articles include: “Dayenu”: Exclamation or Exhortation?  – by Rabbi Yona Reiss The Winning Strategy – by Rabbi Joel Gutstein Concealing the Afikoman – by Rabbi Aron Wolf

cRc Members Pre-Pesach Meeting April 2024

Listen to the Meeting: Here
Open Source Sheets: Here

cRc Pesach Keilim Kashering 2024 / 5784

cRc Keilim Kashering Wednesday, April 17:  7 pm – 9 pm KCT – Kehilat Chovavei Tzion  9220 Crawford Ave in Skokie  

Divrei Torah for Purim 5784

cRc Purim Divrei Torah 5784 Articles include: Mordechai & the Power of Prayer – Rabbi Yona Reiss Simcha and Sadness – Rabbi Shlomo Crandall Assorted Vessels and Socialization of Alcohol – Rabbi Shaanan Gelman Reading the Megillah in English – Rabbi Eliyahu Rapaport

cRc Pre-Purim Members Meeting – March 2024

Listen to Shiur: Purim 5784 Source Sheets Download.

From The Dayan’s Desk Series – March schedule

From the Dayan’s Desk.
Weekly Shiur for Men
Rabbi Reiss
Congregation K.I.N.S.
2800 W. North Shore Avenue
March 11 – End of Life Treatment
March 18 – Nezikin Claims for Purim Revelry
March 25 –  Zoning Violations and Halacha

Read Rabbi Reiss’ Review of Rabbi Schachter’s new sefer

Click HERE to read Rabbi Reiss’ review of Rabbi Hershel Schachter’s new sefer Divrei Soferim: The Transmission of Torah Shebe’al Peh on Tradition Online    

From the Dayan’s Desk

February 2024 From the Dayans Desk flyer Feb 2024      

The Rebbetzin Shoshana Schwartz, a”h, Chicago Rabbinical Council Torah Research Project 5784

For more than two decades, the Chicago Rabbinical Council has sponsored an annual essay contest open to seniors in local high schools and yeshivot who plan to continue their Torah studies during the following year in Israel. For many years the contest was sponsored through the generosity of our Chaver Rabbi Harold Karp, z”l. In…