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Shemittah Newsletter Issue #3

Issue #3 Includes Greenhouse Produce by Rabbi Dovid Cohen Shemittah: A Mitzva for the Land and for Man by Rabbi Aaron Kraft cRc Shemitta Newsletter Issue 3 for web  

Eight Yahrtzeit of Rabbi Moish Kushner z”l, 8th of Marcheshvan, this Wednesday night, October 13, 2021

As we are about to commemorate the 8th yahrtzeit of Rabbi Moish Kushner z”l, I want to share a brief reflection about an eved Hashem, friend and role model who was taken from us far too soon. Moish was an oheiv Yisrael, and was one of the first to welcome me into the cRc upon my arrival. He…

Protected: Tribute to Harav Gedalia Dov Schwartz ZT”L

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Remembering a Regal Rabbi

Second article in Tradition Magazine by Rabbi Reiss remembering Rabbi Dr. Moshe D. Tendler zt”l,  

Shemittah Newsletter Issue #2.

Tishrei 5782 – Sept 2021 This issue includes: The Borders of Eretz Yisroel by Rabbi Dovid Cohen A Special Blessing by Rabbi Yisraoel Langer cRc Shemitta Newsletter vol. 2 For links to all the Shemittah Newsletters please click HERE.

Eating in the Rain – Guidelines for Contending with Rainfall on the First and Second Nights of Sukkot 5782

Eating in the Rain – Guidelines for Contending with Rainfall on the First and Second Nights of Sukkot 5782 By Rav Yona Reiss, Av Beis Din, cRc Generally, there is no obligation to eat in the Sukkah when it rains to the degree that the soup would get ruined. This is based on the exemption…

Divrei Torah for Sukkos 5782

cRc Sukkos Divrei Torah 5782

Chadashot: 2021/5782 in Review

The latest cRc Chadashot! The Year in Review 2021 / 5782. Click here to download: Chadashot – Year in review 2021

cRc Shemittah Newsletter

We are proud to announce a new monthly Shemittah Newsletter Each issue will feature a column from Rabbi Dovid Cohen, cRc Administrative Rabbinic Coordinator, and author of Shemittah, as part of his Kashrus Halacha series, as well as a column from one of the cRc Dayanim.. Print copies of the first issue are being distributed in…