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Chicago Rabbinical Currents

Volume 1 | Issue 1  Kislev 5784 The Halakhic Will    – By Rav Yona Reiss Gluten-Free Flower – By Rabbi Dovid Cohen Remembering Rav Schwartz zt”l – By Rabbi A.M. Abramson

Cheder Lubavitch visits the cRc

     Rabbi Reiss and Rabbi Moscowitz spoke to the 5th Grade boys from Cheder Lubavitch.    

Chadashot – The Year In Review – 5783/2023

                Download here

Yahrtzeit Shiur 5783 – Jews and Tatoos

Yahrtzeit Shiur L’iluy nishmas Rabbi Reiss’ father, Mr. Harry Reiss Z”L. Delivered August 6, 2023 at Yeshiva University in Israel. View the Yartzeit Shiur Here! Download the Mareh Mekomos for the Yartzeit Shiur Here!

HF Hebrew Academy Visits the cRc

Rabbi Kraft and Rabbi Moscowitz spoke with students from HF Hebrew Academy from Missouri.

Examining the Arbitration Agreement known as the “Halachic Prenup”

   Download as a PDF Examining the Arbitration Agreement Known as the “Halachic Prenup” Elka Blonder  Since the 1990s, a document known as the “Halachic Prenup” has been endorsed by many prestigious rabbis of the Jewish world.[1] While the Halachic Prenup was primarily initiated by rabbis associated with Yeshiva University, an institution at the center…

Pesach Divrei Torah 5783

cRc Pesach Divrei Torah 5783                   This cRc publication contains Divrei Torah from: – Harav Yona Reiss: Short Haggadah Insights. – Rabbi Eitan M. Allen: The One Not at the Seder. – Rabbi Menachem Linzer: The Deeper Meaning Behind Heseiba at the Seder – Rabbi Yehuda Meyers:…

Purim 5783

cRc Purim Divrei Torah 5783                   This cRc publication contains Divrei Torah from: Harav Yona Reiss: Don’t Give Up Hope. Rabbi Yosef Posner: Feel Free to Act Free Freely.  

Rabbi Reiss and Rabbi Kraft at the JCC and Or Torah

For Parshat Mishpatim, Rabbi Reiss and Rabbi Kraft spoke at YU Torah MiTzion Parsha and Pizza Groups at the JCC and at Or Torah. The Dayanim shared with the students how the Mitzvot in the Parsha are applied in Beth Din.