cRc Beth Din

Shemittah Newsletter #13

Issue #13 includes: Shemittah Esrogim for Sukkos – by Rabbi Yona Reiss Shemittas Kesafim – by Rabbi Dovid Cohen  

Pruzbul 5782 information for Rabbis

The cRc website presents 2 ways to execute a Pruzbul with the cRc Beth Din. (a) Bifnei Beth Din using Form A in either Hebrew  or  English, which can be done by participating in one of the community signings. While it is preferable to employ a בית דין חשוב such as the established cRc Beth Din,…

cRc Members Siddur Kiddushin Workshop 2021

The first session is an opportunity to review nuanced halachic considerations with Rabbi Reiss. In our second session, cRc Chaverim will share practical Best practices We look forward to having you join us! Session 1: The Role and Responsibilities of the Mesader Kiddushin Rabbi Reiss Monday, April 12 4 p.m. (Central) Session 2: Sharing Best…