cRc Beth Din

What form needs to be completed?

There are two alternative Pruzbul forms in both Hebrew and English. Form A – cRc as Agent: The lender asks three men to sit as judges on a Beth Din. (The individuals must be Torah observant men who are not related to one another, to the lender, or to the borrower.) The lender declares before…

What happens if the Pruzbul is lost?

If one writes a Pruzbul and it gets lost, he does not have to write a new Pruzbul to replace the lost one.

Does the requirement of Pruzbul apply to women?

Both men and women are obligated to perform a Pruzbul. A married woman only needs to perform a Pruzbul if she has made loans with her separate assets.

What is required on the part of the borrower?

The borrower must have (even through “sekhirut”) a lien on some amount of land on which the Pruzbul can attach a lien, even a small amount of land. If one suspects that the borrower has no land, the lender may “sell” land to the borrower from his own land. This is accomplished by one of…

What if a new loan is made after a Pruzbul is created?

The date that the Pruzbul is written must be recorded. The Pruzbul is effective for all loans made before that date. If one makes a loan after the date of the Pruzbul, a new Pruzbul must be written for that loan. If the lender suspects that he will not find suitable judges for a new…

Are separate Pruzbuls needed for each loan?

One may make one Pruzbul for all of the loans past due that he has extended. Therefore, the name of the borrower is omitted from the Pruzbul forms.

What is Pruzbul?

At the end of the seventh year of the Sh’mitah cycle, all loans are nullified, including credit agreements and wage agreements that have been converted to loan agreements. (As the guidelines regarding rental agreements that have been converted to loan agreements are complex, it is best to make a Pruzbul in such cases.) One who…