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Sapprim #33

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cRc on Schach – Elul 5779 / 2018

Prior to last year, the cRc had recommended certain readily available fencing material (commonly sold in Home Depot) to be used for schach and provided detailed instructions on how to place them on the sukkah. However, based on feedback from consumers on the sturdiness of those materials and how they were being used, we have…

cRc Statement Regarding Hadassim 5779 / 2018

B”H Elul, 5779 To the Greater Chicago Jewish Community , שיחיו Hadassim are an integral part of the Arba Minim. Among the Torah requirements for Hadassim is that they be “Meshulash,” that the leaves grow in sets of three leaves in line with each other, for the length of the Hadas, i.e. 3 Tefachim (approximately…