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Sukkos and Hakhel 5783

Divrei Torah about Hakhel & Sukkos 5783

cRc Shemittah Newsletter #7

Issue #7 includes: Three Leniencies of Chazon Ish by Rabbi Dovid Cohen Mishloach Manos with Kedushas Shevi’is Products by Rabbi Aaron Kraft cRc Shemittah Newsletter vol 7 for web

Skokie Shabbos

  cRc Beth Din Shabbos In Skokie Parashat Mishpatim January 28-29th, 2022. For more information, please email A community-wide Oneg at 8:00 pm Personal Reflections from Life in the Beth Din At the home of Dr. Yigal and Mrs. Donna Yahav (8630 Keeler Avenue) Congregation Or Torah Prohibition to Litigate in Secular Court: When and Why Drasha…

Shemittah Newsletter Issue #3

Issue #3 Includes Greenhouse Produce by Rabbi Dovid Cohen Shemittah: A Mitzva for the Land and for Man by Rabbi Aaron Kraft cRc Shemitta Newsletter Issue 3 for web