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Divrei Torah for Chanukah 5784

cRc Chanukah Divrei Torah 5784 Articles include: Lighting the Fire  – Rabbi Yona Reiss Pirsumei Nisa  – Rabbi Micah Greenland Chanukah and Jewish Survival  – Rabbi Netanel Isaacs Ner Chanukah and Shalom  – Rabbi Chaim Twerski  

cRc Rabbi Abrahams Chizuk Mission to Israel – November 2023

Rabbi Abramson Chizuk Mission in Israel – Day 1 Even before take-off the trip was filled with chizUk and unity. After davening maariv at Logan Airport with about 20 men a secular Israeli woman approached me and requested a prayer for her brother who is on the front lines. Instead of saying just one prayer I…

Chicago Rabbinical Currents

Volume 1 | Issue 4  Sivan 5784 The Halakhic Prenuptial Agreement – By Rav Yona Reiss Fats and Oils – By Rabbi Dovid Cohen Volume 1 | Issue 3  Nisan 5784 Fish & Meat – By Rabbi Dovid Cohen The Wedding Dress – By Rabbi Yisroel Langer The Meat with Fish Sakanah – By Rabbi Dovid…

Monday, Nov 13 – We’re heading to the national March for Israel!

Join us on the Chicago Bus to Washington DC! Leaving at 7pm Monday night from Cong. Or Torah in Skokie Arriving back in Chicago Wednesday morning The cost for the bus is $150 per person Snacks & food are being graciously provided through the United Bikur Cholim Kitchen Register for a seat on the…

Rabbi Reiss Av Beth Din speaks to Students at Northwestern University Chabad.

  Rabbi Reiss spoke to students at Sinai Scholars of Chabad of Northwestern University.

Cheder Lubavitch visits the cRc

     Rabbi Reiss and Rabbi Moscowitz spoke to the 5th Grade boys from Cheder Lubavitch.    

cRc Sukkos Divrei Torah 5784

  Divrei Torah for Sukkos 5784

Chadashot – The Year In Review – 5783/2023

                Download here

HF Hebrew Academy Visits the cRc

Rabbi Kraft and Rabbi Moscowitz spoke with students from HF Hebrew Academy from Missouri.

cRc Shavuos Divrei Torah 5783

                Shavuos Divrei Torah 5783