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Shemittah Newsletter #9

Issue #9 includes: Shemittah Wine by Rabbi Yona Reiss Kedushas Shevi’is – An Overview by Rabbi Dovid Cohen  

2022 Chametz Sale

Chametz Sale Form Rabbi Reiss will be conducting theמכירה  this year on  Thursday, April14  at 10:30 AM (CDT) For those who are going away for Pesach and want to conduct an early sale  For those who are going away for Pesach and want to conduct an early sale  to avoid being obligated in a full Bedikah of their homes ~ …

Tehillim for Ukraine

Please join Jewish communities around the world in davening for peace and safety for Ukraine. Attached are Tehillim that you can print and use after davening in your shuls tonight and tomorrow, Yom Kippur Katan.   Rabbi Reiss offered the following message: לא ישא גוי אל גוי חרב ולא ילמדו עוד מלחמה (ישעיהו ב:ד) Whenever…

Shloshim Siyum in Memory of Rav Schwartz

Click HERE for the recording from the Shloshim Siyum at Congregation Adas Yeshurun in memory of Rav Schwartz zt”l. Their compilation of Memories and Hespedim of the Av Bais Din zt”l is attached.