cRc Beth Din

Rabbi Reiss Av Beth Din speaks to Students at Northwestern University Chabad.

  Rabbi Reiss spoke to students at Sinai Scholars of Chabad of Northwestern University.

Cheder Lubavitch visits the cRc

     Rabbi Reiss and Rabbi Moscowitz spoke to the 5th Grade boys from Cheder Lubavitch.    

cRc Sukkos Divrei Torah 5784

  Divrei Torah for Sukkos 5784

cRc Pre-Succos Membership Meeting Sept 26, 2023

Audio Recording of Members Meeting: Hilchos Succos Part 1 By Rav Yona Reiss   Hilchos Succos Part 2 by Rav Yona Reiss   סוכות תשפד-מראה-מקומות          

Community Shabbas Shuva Drasha 5784

Community Shabbas Shuva Drasha By HaRav Yona Reiss This Shabbos, September 23, Parshas Ha’azinu 5:15 pm at K.I.N.S. Main THE MITZVAH OF TOSEFET YOM HAKIPPURIM: HOW SHOULD WE ADD TO THE YOM KIPPUR EXPERIENCE?  Click here for Source Sheet.

cRc Pre Rosh Hashana Membership Meeting Sept 11, 2023

Audio Recording of Members Meeting: ראש-השנה-שחל-להיות-בשבת-מראה-מקומות

Chadashot – The Year In Review – 5783/2023

                Download here

Yahrtzeit Shiur 5783 – Jews and Tatoos

Yahrtzeit Shiur L’iluy nishmas Rabbi Reiss’ father, Mr. Harry Reiss Z”L. Delivered August 6, 2023 at Yeshiva University in Israel. View the Yartzeit Shiur Here! Download the Mareh Mekomos for the Yartzeit Shiur Here!

Chaburahs on End-of-Life Halachic Issues

 Chaburah ArchivesEND-OF-LIFE HALACHIC-ISSUES with Rabbi Mordechai Willig Source Material and Archived Meeting Recordings  End of Life Mekoros – Click Here to Download Decision Making in Acute Critical Illness a Rabbinic Postscript –  Click Here to Download שות קורונה מאת הרב מרדכי וויליג –  Click Here to Download Recorded Sessions: cRc Membership Meeting on End of Life issues with…

cRc Torah Achievement Award – 2023

cRc Torah Achievement Award Mazal Tov to this years’ winners of the cRc Torah Achievement Award. The award is given to a senior in each high school who will be studying in Israel during the 5784 school year and displays dedication to Torah and to the maintenance of high Middot standards. Ilan Blumenthal – Ida…