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Chadashot – Tishrei 5783 – The Year in Review

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Pruzbul 5782 information for Rabbis

The cRc website presents 2 ways to execute a Pruzbul with the cRc Beth Din. (a) Bifnei Beth Din using Form A in either Hebrew  or  English, which can be done by participating in one of the community signings. While it is preferable to employ a בית דין חשוב such as the established cRc Beth Din,…

cRc Shemitta Newsletter #6

Issue #6 includes: Sefichin, a Shemittah Leap Year, and Support by Rabbi Dovid Cohen Flowers in Shemittah by Rabbi Yisroel Langer cRc Shemitta Newsletter vol 6  

Skokie Shabbos

  cRc Beth Din Shabbos In Skokie Parashat Mishpatim January 28-29th, 2022. For more information, please email A community-wide Oneg at 8:00 pm Personal Reflections from Life in the Beth Din At the home of Dr. Yigal and Mrs. Donna Yahav (8630 Keeler Avenue) Congregation Or Torah Prohibition to Litigate in Secular Court: When and Why Drasha…

Rabbi Reiss joins in opposing the proposed Israeli conversion reforms  

Rabbi Reiss joins in opposing the proposed Israeli conversion reforms   Over 100 Rabbis sign against the conversion outline. See link below.פרסום-ראשון-מעל-מאה-רבנים-נגד-מתווה-הגי/

Link to Rabbi Reiss’ Shiur at Yeshiva University – Contemporary Issues in Food Hashgacha

Click HERE for the link to Rabbi Reiss’ shiur on Contemporary Issues in Food Hashgacha  Please see Attached Source Sheet

cRc Thanks The IIPB for action against Unilever

The cRc sent the attached letter to The Illinois Investment Policy Board thanking them for their action against Unilever, due to its recent boycott of Israel.   IIPB Letter

JUF Sympathy Note – Harav Gedalia Dov Schwartz ZT”L

JUF Sympathy Note – Rav Schwartz 2020

cRc Shemittah Newsletter #4

Shgemittah Newsletter #4 This issue includes: Melachos D’oraisah by Rabbi Dovid Cohen Rav Ovadia Yosef’s Heter Mechira Esponsum: Part 1 by Rabbi Daniel Raccah cRc Shemitta Newsletter vol 4 for web