cRc Beth Din

Epstein Hebrew Academy Students meet with Rabbi Reiss Shlitah.

Students from Epstein Hebrew Academy in St. Louis met with Rabbi Reiss in the Beth Din on Memorial Day 2022.

Shemittah in Chadashot:2021/5782 in Review

Chadashot 5781 year-in-review – Shemittah Section.  

Divrei Torah for Shavuot 5782

cRc Shavuot Divrei Torah 5782 for web  

Shemittah Newsletter #10

Issue #10 included Kedushas Shevi’is, Hefker, and Biur by Rabbi Dovid Cohen Supporting the Farmers by Rabbi Yisroel Langer cRc Shemitta Newsletter volume #10

Shemittah Newsletter #9

Issue #9 includes: Shemittah Wine by Rabbi Yona Reiss Kedushas Shevi’is – An Overview by Rabbi Dovid Cohen  

Divrei Torah for Pesach 5782

Divrei Torah for Pesach 5782 This publication includes Divrei Torah from: Rabbi Yona Reiss, Rabbi Shaanan Gelman Rabbi Levi Mostofsky Rabbi Yochanan Posner Rabbi Shmuel L. Schuman Rabi Chaim Twerski

Kashrut Alert – Lettuce Checking April 2022

April 11, 2022 In recent weeks, we have noticed an unusually high level of infestation in different types of produce, and this specifically affects the preparation of romaine lettuce for the Seder. In our efforts to help consumers find reliable insect-free romaine lettuce this Pesach season, we have done extensive testing and research. Based on our…

Shemittah Newsletter #8

Issue #8 includes: Heter Mechirah by Rabbi Dovid Cohen Rav Ovadia Yosef’s Heter Mechirah Responsum: Part 2 by Rabbi Daniel J. Raccah cRc Shemittah Newsletter vol 8 for web

Recording of Rabbi Reiss at Nefesh Event: Divorce Isn’t On Size Fits All.

Click HERE for the recording.